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Influence of the black hole spin on the chaotic particle dynamics within a dipolar halo

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We investigate the role of the spin angular momentum of astrophysical black holes in controlling the special relativistic chaotic dynamics of test particles moving under the influence of a post-Newtonian pseudo-Kerr black hole potential, along with a perturbative potential created by an asymmetrically placed (dipolar) halo. Proposing a Lyapunov-like exponent to be the effective measure of the degree of chaos observed in the system under consideration, it has been found that black hole spin anti-correlates with the degree of chaos for the aforementioned dynamics. Our findings have been explained applying the general principles of dynamical systems analysis.

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The work of DA has been done during her long term stay at Harish Chandra Research Institute (HRI) as a project assistant (position funded by the Cosmology & High Energy Astrophysics planned project fund under the XII th plan at HRI). SN and SS would like to acknowledge the kind hospitality provided by HRI, Allahabad, India, for multiple visits. The work of SN has partially been supported by the UGC MRP grant (sanction No. F. PSW-163/13-14).

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Nag, S., Sinha, S., Ananda, D.B. et al. Influence of the black hole spin on the chaotic particle dynamics within a dipolar halo. Astrophys Space Sci 362, 81 (2017).

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