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Modeling quasar central engine as a relativistic radiating star

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Long ago Hoyle & Fowler attempted to model the central engine of quasars as hot super-massive stars supported by radiation pressure. Whereas the model of Hoyle & Fowler was Newtonian, here we make a toy model of quasar central engines as ultra relativistic ultrahot plasma or as a ball of radiation. Accordingly, we consider general relativistic gravitational collapse including emission of radiation. More specifically, we discuss a new class of radiating fluid ball exact solution in conformally-flat metric which is quasi-static and contracting at negligible rate. The problem is solved by assuming that the metric potential is separable in to radial and time dependent parts. It is found the gravitational mass of the radiating ball M→0 as comoving time t→∞ in conformity of the idea of an “Eternally Collapsing Object” (ECO) which has been claimed to be the true nature of the so-called “Black Holes”. In particular, we consider here a quasi-static radiation ball having M≈9.507×107M, a radius of ≈2×1014 km, and a luminosity L≈9.1×1046 erg/s. Prima-facie, such an ECO solution is compatible with the central compact object of a quasar having comoving lifetime of ≈107 yr and a distantly observed lifetime (u) which could be higher by many orders of magnitude.


Gravitational collapse Quasar Vaidya metric Conformally-flat metric 



Authors are grateful to the anonymous referee for his rigorous review, constructive comments and useful suggestions.


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