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Cosmology from induced matter model applied to 5D f(R,T) theory


It is well known that the universe is undergoing a phase of accelerated expansion. Plenty of models have already been created with the purpose of describing what causes this non-expected cosmic feature. Among them, one could quote the extradimensional and the f(R,T) gravity models. In this work, in the scope of unifying Kaluza-Klein extradimensional model with f(R,T) gravity, cosmological solutions for density and pressure of the universe are obtained from the induced matter model application. Particular solutions for vacuum quantum energy and radiation are also shown.

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I would like to thank T.S. Morais for encouraging and supporting the development of this work and O.D. Miranda for introducing me the Wesson’s induced matter model, as well as for having some important discussions about the subject. I am grateful for the suggestions of the anonymous referee, which certainly have contributed for a conceptual enrichment of the paper. I would also like to thank CAPES for financial support.

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Moraes, P.H.R.S. Cosmology from induced matter model applied to 5D f(R,T) theory. Astrophys Space Sci 352, 273–279 (2014).

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  • Kaluza-Klein theory
  • Cosmological models
  • f(R,T) gravity