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Effects of electromagnetic field on shearfree spherical collapse


This paper is devoted to study spherically symmetric shearfree charged gravitational collapse with radial heat flux and isotropic pressure. For the matching of the interior spacetime, we take Vaidya-Reissner-Nordström metric outside the spherical system. We solve the field equations numerically by taking ansatz on the metric functions and using Darmois junction conditions. The behavior of density, pressure, radial heat flux, luminosity and the mass function is analyzed. Finally, we check validity of the energy conditions through plots.

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Sharif, M., Bhatti, M.Z.U.H. Effects of electromagnetic field on shearfree spherical collapse. Astrophys Space Sci 347, 337–348 (2013).

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  • Junction conditions
  • Shearfree fluid
  • Electromagnetic field
  • Gravitational collapse