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Call for applications for two Editor-in-Chief positions of Astrophysics and Space Science (Ap&SS)


Springer invites applications for two Editor-in-Chief positions of Ap&SS. The position of the current Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Mike Dopita, will become vacant in summer 2014. During Prof. Dopita’s term, the journal has steadily grown both in the number of submissions per year and, at the same time, in impact and reputation. To support further healthy development of the journal, the position of the Editor-in-Chief will be split into two positions of equal authority.

Applicants are expected to be experienced researchers with a wide scope and a strong publication record in astrophysics, astrophysical cosmology or the space sciences. They are expected to be well-connected within the international astronomical community and to have previous editorial experience with journals and/or books.

The Editors-in-Chief will oversee and manage the editorial process and, based on recommendations provided by their Associate Editors and referee reports, make final decisions on submissions. They will also personally handle the peer-review process of a certain number of manuscripts within their area of expertise.

Also expected to monitor, in consultation with their Associate Editors, the development of astronomy and the space sciences outside their own research area, the future Editors-in-Chief will continue to pro-actively develop the journal both in scope and impact.

The work of the Editors is supported by an intuitive online submission- and editorial management system, as well as by a Journal Editorial Office Assistant.

The Editors-in-Chief receive an annual remuneration. As further benefits from their editorial work for Ap&SS, the successful candidates will become familiar with the workings of one of the largest and most reputable academic publishers in the world. Naturally, it will also give them first-hand insights into new discoveries and projects from around the world. It will enhance their global network beyond society-membership boundaries, as well as their knowledge of the publishing business and its rapid developments. Publication in Ap&SS including colour printing is free of charge. The Editors-in-Chief will therefore not only be performing a commendable service to their community, but also support the development of science in countries with burgeoning scientific output and growing quality.

The position is anticipated to be for two consecutive 3-year terms. It is planned that the successful candidates will join as Associate Editors early in 2014 to be trained on the job by their predecessor.

Applications should comprise a letter specifying the applicant’s qualifications and motivation for seeking the position, a curriculum vitae and a list of publications. They should be submitted as PDF files attached to an e-mail sent to the Publishing Editor managing the journal:

Dr. Ramon Khanna

Senior Editor Astronomy and Physics


Tiergartenstr. 17

69121 Heidelberg, Germany


Informal inquiries may be sent to the same address.

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