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Thermodynamics and cosmic expansion in magnetized chameleonic Brans-Dicke universe


This study is emphasized to explore the validity of generalized second law of thermodynamics in the context of non-linear electrodynamics (magnetic effects only) with Brans-Dicke chameleon scalar field as dark energy candidate. For this purpose, we consider FRW universe model with perfect fluid matter contents. We evaluate matter energy density and magnetic field by taking interacting and non-interacting cases of magnetic field and matter as well as the power law ansatz for scalar field. The validity of this law is discussed by using the first law of thermodynamics for four different horizons: Hubble, apparent, particle and event horizons. We conclude that this law may hold for all four horizons with small positive red-shift when chameleon mechanism is taken into account in Brans-Dicke gravity. Finally, we investigate the statefinders in order to check the viability of the model.

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Sharif, M., Waheed, S. Thermodynamics and cosmic expansion in magnetized chameleonic Brans-Dicke universe. Astrophys Space Sci 346, 583–597 (2013).

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  • Scalar field
  • Thermodynamical laws
  • Magnetic field
  • Cosmic expansion