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Thermodynamics in non-linear electrodynamics with anisotropic universe


In this work, we consider the framework of non-linear electrodynamics in Bianchi type I universe model composed of matter and electromagnetic field. We deal with electric and magnetic universe separately. In this scenario, we calculate the electric and magnetic fields and their corresponding matter densities using two particular types of interaction terms. We also check the validity of generalized second law of thermodynamics in both universe models enclosed by apparent horizon. It turns out that this law holds on the apparent horizon for a particular range depending upon the parameters. Finally, we discuss the deceleration and statefinder parameters to check the viability of these models.

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Sharif, M., Saleem, R. Thermodynamics in non-linear electrodynamics with anisotropic universe. Astrophys Space Sci 345, 373–380 (2013).

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  • Thermodynamics
  • Non-linear electrodynamics
  • Statefinder parameters