Twist transport in strongly torsioned astrophysical flux tubes


Riemannian geometrical effects on the expansion of the electron magnetohydrodynamical (EMH) superconductivity modeled twisted nonplanar thin magnetic flux tubes are considered. A solution is found which represents almost incompressible plasma flows, where the twist of flux tube is computed in terms of the continuous variation of its cross-section. It is shown that the twist increases in regions where twisted flux tube expands as in Parker’s conjecture. From computation of compression along the tube we show that when the torsion is weak a centrifugal or vorticity effect on the longitudinal direction of the tube enhances the screening effect on the “superconductor”. Throughout the paper we consider helical flux tubes where torsion and curvature of the tube are constants. Thus we show that the Parker’s conjecture is valid in a continuos manner for these type II superconducting twisted flux tubes. Throughout the paper we adopt the approximation that the radial component of the magnetic field varies so slowly along the tube axis that it can be approximated to zero along the tube. It is suggested that the models discussed here may also be applied to DNA and nanotubes.

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  • Vorticity
  • Flux Tube
  • Toroidal Component
  • Sausage Mode
  • Frenet Curvature