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Paraphilias and the ICD-11: Progress but Still Logically Inconsistent

  • Charles Moser
Letter to the Editor

The Working Group on the Classification of Sexual Disorders and Sexual Health (WGSDSH) is charged with reviewing and recommending changes for categories related to sexuality in the International Classifications of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), published by the World Health Organization ([WHO]; Krueger et al., 2017). The WGSDSH proposed changing the name of the ICD-11 Section on “Disorders of Sexual Preference” to “Paraphilic Disorders.” They also advocated for the removal of Fetishism, Fetishistic Transvestism, and Sadomasochism categories “as inconsistent with human rights principles endorsed by the UN and WHO” (Drew et al., 2011). The elimination of these diagnoses is a major step forward and a welcomed change.

WGSDSH still classifies Exhibitionism, Frotteurism, Pedophilia, and Voyeurism as mental disorders, renamed as Exhibitionistic, Frotteuristic, Pedophilic, and Voyeuristic Disorders (Krueger et al., 2017). They also suggest adding Coercive Sexual Sadism Disorder,...


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