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Sexual Satisfaction, Relationship Satisfaction, and Health Are Associated with Greater Frequency of Penile–Vaginal Intercourse

  • Rui Miguel CostaEmail author
  • Stuart Brody
Letter to the Editor

Heiman et al. (2011) reported that in a large sample of midlife and older couples in five countries, frequency of sexual activity in the past 4 weeks was associated with greater sexual satisfaction but unrelated to relationship happiness in both sexes, which led them to state that “[T]he degree of independence/dependence of sexuality and relationship satisfaction is a point of disagreement in the literature with evidence in both directions but often supporting a more independent factor structure” (p. 751).

The determinants of sexual and relationship satisfaction are certainly an important topic to be examined cross-culturally. However, the summary measure of sexual activity that they employed is misleading, as it suggests that all partnered sexual activities could contribute equally well to sexual satisfaction, and that relationship happiness is largely independent from the sexual activity of the couple. In fact, when sexual activities are differentiated, a different picture emerges.



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