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F. H. van Eemeren, B. Garssen (eds): Reflections on Theoretical Issues in Argumentation Theory

Springer, 2015, 293 pp
  • Sara GrecoEmail author

Introduction: A Future-Oriented Geography of Current Argumentation Studies

The twenty papers collected in this volume offer a future-oriented geography of the territory of current argumentation studies, which highlights paths, workplaces and other interesting features of an evolving landscape. These papers have been selected from contributions to the Proceedings of the 8th Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation, held in Amsterdam in the summer of 2014. In particular, the present volume, as revealed by the title, selects papers concerning theoretical issues relative to the study of argumentation. This volume is divided into six parts, corresponding to broad areas of investigation of current argumentation scholars: General perspectives, Analysis of argumentation, Evaluation of argumentation, Argument schemes, Contextual embedding of argumentation and, finally, Linguistic approaches to argumentation.

Contents of the Volume: A Critical Overview



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