J. Tidwell, S. Coyle and L.A. Bright (eds): Largemouth bass aquaculture. 5M Publishing, Sheffield, 2019, VI + 274 pp, £135 (Hardback), ISBN: 978-1-789-18048-0

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Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) is one of the most popular sport fishes in North America, and it has a long history of being cultured in farm ponds for release into lakes for fee-fishing, or for stock enhancement of natural populations. It has been widely translocated outside its natural distributional range in North America, and it is an introduced species in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and central- and south-America, where it has formed self-sustaining populations. It is sometimes considered an invasive species, because it either competes with or consumes resident fish, leading to declines in, or local extinctions of, native fish species. In addition to its popularity with anglers, the largemouth bass also has some value as a food-fish and naturalized populations support both recreational and commercial fisheries in a few countries. Commercial-scale farming of largemouth bass has gradually increased as cultivation and rearing methods have been developed and refined, but...


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