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Evaluation on the use of e-learning tools to support teaching and learning in aquaculture and aquatic sciences education


The study aimed to capture a snapshot of the status of educational means used in teaching and learning in the area of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management at European level, with specific consideration on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and e-learning tools. To achieve this goal, an online survey was compiled and made available to teachers and students across Europe. In total, teachers from 31 institutions and students from 40 institutions participated in this survey. This paper presents the findings, considers trends and poses further questions for sector stakeholders to help in the development of future programmes and support. In summary, it can be concluded that few teachers have a comprehensive knowledge of the wide range of ICT tools available and can make use of e-learning tools with complete confidence. There is therefore a real and urgent need to “train the trainers” to use ICT in their teaching environments. From the students’ end, there is a strong desire to learn more about the application of e-learning tools and to use them in their learning process.

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This study was conducted by members of workpackage 5 (J Bostock, J Dhont, C Dove, J Heikkinen, M Moulton, J Pirhonen, G Santos, S Seixas, B Ueberschaer) during phase II of the AQUA-TNET 2 network project (2008–2011). Parts of the results are reported in Jacobs et al. (2011). The aim of AQUA-TNET’s workpackage 5 was to promote the use of innovative teaching tools (digital tools and ICT in general) in aquaculture and aquatic sciences. The specific aim of this study was to evaluate the present use of a selection of e-learning tools and ICT among the members of the AQUA-TNET community.

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Seixas, S., Dove, C., Ueberschär, B. et al. Evaluation on the use of e-learning tools to support teaching and learning in aquaculture and aquatic sciences education. Aquacult Int 23, 825–841 (2015).

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