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The effect of domestication on a brown trout (Salmo trutta m fario) broodstock in Hungary


Molecular markers (PCR–RFLP and microsatellite) were used to investigate the genetic background of the only brown trout (Salmo trutta m fario) broodstock in Hungary which due to the hydrogeography of the country should theoretically belong to the Danubian lineage. PCR–RFLP (mitochondrial DNA control region and lactate dehydrogenase and somatolactin genes) as well as microsatellite (BFRO002, OMM1064, Ssa408uos, SsoSL417, SsoSL438) markers were used to distinguish between Danubian and Atlantic lineages of brown trout in the Lillafüred broodstock. Altogether 435 fish were tagged during the experimental period. Due to mortalities, fin clips were collected from 401 individuals. According to the genetic analysis of the mitochondrial DNA, the Danubian haplotype is present in only one individual (0.2 %) of the broodstock. Analysis of the nuclear markers revealed that alleles characteristic of both the Atlantic and the Danubian lineages are found in the population. However, Atlantic alleles dominate throughout the broodstock which is in Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium according to the investigated markers. Results indicate that the original broodstock that was introduced to the farm following its construction in 1933 was of the Atlantic lineage. Although later fish from a local stream were collected and added to the broodstock, the number of these was limited and they were almost exclusively males. Fish from this farm that are stocked by anglers can have a significant genetic impact on trout populations of natural streams.

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The work was supported by the GOP‐111‐09/1‐2010‐0141 project.

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