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Characterization of Turbulent Structures in a Transonic Backward-Facing Step Flow


A transonic backward-facing step flow, at a free stream Mach number of 0.8 and a Reynolds number of 1.86 × 105 with respect to the step height, was investigated experimentally by means of planar and stereo Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurements for multiple fields of view. The primary aim of this analysis is to examine whether the large temporal variations of the reattachment location is associated with the presence of large scale coherent flow structures. The mean flow reattaches ≈6.1±0.2 times the step height downstream of the step. This value fluctuates temporally as much as ±3 step heights. Measurements of the wake flow in horizontal planes show that the strong variations of the reattachment length are associated with spanwise variations of the streamwise velocity. Two-point correlations revealed large–scale coherent regions with a length of up to 7 step heights and a dominant spanwise wave-length of 1.5…2.5 step heights. Furthermore, close to the step large structures are found, which span more than 5 step heights in spanwise direction. The Reynolds stress distribution of the separated region strongly suggests that the initial streamwise momentum is transferred to the vertical component as well as to the spanwise component in comparable portions by the deformation of the initial Kelvin-Helmholtz vortices and the generation of secondary ones. As a result, the separated shear layer is characterized by eddies of various sizes and orientations. The mean flow field only shows the primary separation bubble and a secondary recirculation region. No stationary streamwise vortices could be found for the tested Reynolds number.

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Financial support from the German Research Foundation in the framework of the TRR 40 – Technological foundations for the design of thermally and mechanically highly loaded components of future space transportation systems – is gratefully acknowledged by the authors.

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