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LES-CMC of a Partially Premixed, Turbulent Dimethyl Ether Jet Diffusion Flame


Large-eddy simulations have been coupled with a conservative formulation of the conditional moment closure (CMC) approach for the computation of a turbulent, partially-premixed dimethyl-ether jet flame. Two different numerical setups and 3 different detailed chemical mechanisms were investigated. The results are compared with measurements of velocity, temperature, and major and intermediate species. The general agreement between simulations and experiments is very good, and differences between the different mechanisms are limited to the predicted concentrations of intermediates only. Larger differences can be observed if the CMC grid size is reduced. This is due to reduced averaging effects on the conditionally averaged dissipation rates that allow to better capture high dissipation events that lead to larger deviations from a fully burning solution. A high CMC resolution provides excellent agreement with experiments throughout the flame and the results demonstrate CMC’s capability to accurately predict turbulence-chemistry interactions in partially-premixed flames involving complex chemistry.

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The authors thank Drs. J.H. Frank and B. Coriton and Drs. R.S. Barlow and F. Fuest for providing the PIV, LIF and Raman measurements, respectively. The Aramco 1.3 chemical mechanism has been kindly made available by Prof. H.J Curran. We acknowledge the computing time provided by HLRS Stuttgart.

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