Predicting Risk of Suicide Among Individuals Who are Members of Higher-Risk Populations: Finding THE Needle in a Stack of Needles!




Dr. Caine is supported in part by grant R49 CE002093 from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. None of the opinions expressed are those of the funder.


  1. Franklin, J. C., Ribeiro, J. D., Fox, K. R., Bentley, K. H., Kleiman, E. M., Huang, X.,... Nock, M. K. (2017). Risk factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors: A meta-analysis of 50 years of research. Psychological Bulletin, 143(2), 187–232. Scholar

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  1. 1.Injury Control Research Center for Suicide Prevention, Department of PsychiatryUniversity of Rochester Medical CenterRochesterUSA

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