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Spectra of Tensor Triangulated Categories over a Category Algebra—A New Approach


We provide a new method to compute the Balmer spectra of the bounded derived category and the singularity category of the category algebra of a finite EI category by a decomposition trick due to Stevenson. In particular, we reobtain the result on the singularity category given by Wang under a weaker condition.

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I would like to thank professor Changchang Xi for introducing me to the theory of tensor triangular geometry. I like to thank professor Hongxing Chen and the anonymous referee who carefully read my work and provided insightful comments which helped me improve the paper.

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Correspondence to Yaohua Zhang.

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  • Tensor triangulated category
  • Triangular spectrum
  • Singularity category
  • Semi-orthogonal decomposition
  • Finite EI category
  • Category algebra

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  • Primary: 18D10
  • 18E30
  • Secondary: 16D90
  • 16E35
  • 16G10