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Co-Gorenstein Algebras


We review the theory of Co-Gorenstein algebras, which was introduced in Beligiannis (Commun Algebra 28(10):4547–4596, 2000). We show a connection between Co-Gorenstein algebras and the Nakayama and Generalized Nakayama conjecture.

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Correspondence to Sondre Kvamme.

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The authors thank Henning Krause and Steffen Koenig for helpful comments. We would also like to thank the referee for helpful comments and suggestions. The first author was supported by a public grant as part of the FMJH.

Communicated by Henning Krause.

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Kvamme, S., Marczinzik, R. Co-Gorenstein Algebras. Appl Categor Struct 27, 277–287 (2019).

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  • Homological algebra
  • Nakayama conjecture
  • Generalized Nakayama conjecture

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  • 16G10
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