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Performance enhancement of a DC-operated micropump with electroosmosis in a hybrid nanofluid: fractional Cattaneo heat flux problem


The purpose of this investigation is to theoretically shed some light on the effect of the unsteady electroosmotic flow (EOF) of an incompressible fractional second-grade fluid with low-dense mixtures of two spherical nanoparticles, copper, and titanium. The flow of the hybrid nanofluid takes place through a vertical micro-channel. A fractional Cattaneo model with heat conduction is considered. For the DC-operated micropump, the Lorentz force is responsible for the pressure difference through the microchannel. The Debye-Hükel approximation is utilized to linearize the charge density. The semi-analytical solutions for the velocity and heat equations are obtained with the Laplace and finite Fourier sine transforms and their numerical inverses. In addition to the analytical procedures, a numerical algorithm based on the finite difference method is introduced for the given domain. A comparison between the two solutions is presented. The variations of the velocity heat transfer against the enhancements in the pertinent parameters are thoroughly investigated graphically. It is noticed that the fractional-order parameter provides a crucial memory effect on the fluid and temperature fields. The present work has theoretical implications for biofluid-based microfluidic transport systems.

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A. M. ALSHARIF is very pleased with the Taif University Researchers Supporting Project of Taif University of Saudi Arabia (No. TURSP-2020/96).

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Citation: ALSHARIF, A. M., ABDELLATEEF, A. I., ELMABOUD, Y. A., and ABDELSALAM, S. I. Performance enhancement of a DC-operated micropump with electroosmosis in a hybrid nanofluid: fractional Cattaneo heat flux problem. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (English Edition), 43(6), 931–944 (2022)

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