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Analysis of a topological basis problem


We examine a basis problem for uncountable regular first countable spaces using the Proper Forcing Axiom. We introduce a notion of inner and outer topologies and show that they come quite close to characterizing the correctness of the current conjecture about this basis problem.

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Correspondence to Y. Peng.

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The research of the second author was partially supported by grants from NSERC (455916) and CNRS (UMR7586).

Peng was partially supported by NSFC No. 11901562 and a program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Peng, Y., Todorcevic, S. Analysis of a topological basis problem. Acta Math. Hungar. 167, 419–475 (2022).

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  • basis problem
  • countable network
  • Sorgenfrey space

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  • 54A35
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