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Finite biprimary groups with all 3-maximal subgroups \({\mathfrak{U}}\)-subnormal


A complete classification of finite biprimary groups in which every 3-maximal subgroup is \({\mathfrak{U}}\)-subnormal is given.

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Correspondence to X. Yi.

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Research of Xiaolan Yi is supported by a NNSF grant of China (Grant # 11101369) and the Science Foundation of Zhejiang Sci–Tech University under grant 1013843-Y.

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Kovaleva, V.A., Yi, X. Finite biprimary groups with all 3-maximal subgroups \({\mathfrak{U}}\)-subnormal. Acta Math. Hungar. 146, 47–55 (2015).

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Key words and phrases

  • 3-maximal subgroup
  • \({\mathfrak{U}}\)-subnormal subgroup
  • supersoluble group
  • SDH-group

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 20D10
  • 20D15
  • 20D20