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, Volume 143, Issue 1, pp 185–191 | Cite as

Derivation of the Real-Rootedness of Coordinator Polynomials from the Hermite–Biehler Theorem

  • M. H. Y. Xie
  • P. B. ZhangEmail author


By using the Hermite–Biehler theorem, we give a new proof of the real-rootedness of the coordinator polynomials of type D, which was recently established by Wang and Zhao. As a consequence, we also obtain the compatibility between the coordinator polynomials of type D and those of type C.

Keywords and phrases

coordinator polynomial real-rootedness the Hermite–Biehler theorem compatibility 

Mathematics Subject Classification

26C10 30C15 05A15 


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Copyright information

© Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary 2014

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Center for Combinatorics, LPMC-TJKLCNankai UniversityTianjinP.R. China
  2. 2.Center for Applied MathematicsTianjin UniversityTianjinP.R. China

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