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The Asymptotic Behavior and Symmetry of Positive Solutions to p-Laplacian Equations in a Half-Space


We study a nonlinear equation in the half-space with a Hardy potential, specifically,

$$ - {\Delta _p}u = \lambda {{{u^{p - 1}}} \over {x_1^p}} - x_1^\theta f\left(u \right)\,\,\,\,{\rm{in}}\,\,T,$$

where Δp stands for the p-Laplacian operator defined by Δpu = div(∣Δup−2Δu), p > 1, θ > −p, and T is a half-space {x1 > 0}. When λ > Θ (where Θ is the Hardy constant), we show that under suitable conditions on f and θ, the equation has a unique positive solution. Moreover, the exact behavior of the unique positive solution as x1 → 0+, and the symmetric property of the positive solution are obtained.

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Correspondence to Yimin Zhang.

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L. Wei was supported by NSFC (11871250). Y.M. Zhang was supported by NSFC (11771127, 12171379) and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (WUT: 2020IB011, 2020IB017, 2020IB019).

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Chen, Y., Wei, L. & Zhang, Y. The Asymptotic Behavior and Symmetry of Positive Solutions to p-Laplacian Equations in a Half-Space. Acta Math Sci 42, 2149–2164 (2022).

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  • p-Lapacian
  • Hardy potential
  • symmetry
  • uniqueness
  • asymptotic behavior

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