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Limit Theorems for β-Laguerre and β-Jacobi Ensembles


We use tridiagonal models to study the limiting behavior of β-Laguerre and β-Jacobi ensembles, focusing on the limiting behavior of the extremal eigenvalues and the central limit theorem for the two ensembles. For the central limit theorem of β-Laguerre ensembles, we follow the idea in [1] while giving a modified version for the generalized case. Then we use the total variation distance between the two sorts of ensembles to obtain the limiting behavior of β-Jacobi ensembles.

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Yutao Ma was supported by NSFC (12171038, 11871008).

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Huang, N., Ma, Y. Limit Theorems for β-Laguerre and β-Jacobi Ensembles. Acta Math Sci 42, 2025–2039 (2022).

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Key words

  • beta-ensembles
  • largest and smallest eigenvalues
  • central limit theorem
  • total variation distance

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  • 15B52
  • 60B20
  • 60F10