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Blow-Up in a Fractional Laplacian Mutualistic Model with Neumann Boundary Conditions


In this paper, a fractional Laplacian mutualistic system under Neumann boundary conditions is studied. Using the method of upper and lower solutions, it is proven that the solutions of the fractional Laplacian strong mutualistic model with Neumann boundary conditions will blow up when the intrinsic growth rates of species are large.

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Correspondence to Ling Zhou.

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The work was partially supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (11771380) and Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (BK20191436).

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Jiang, C., Liu, Z. & Zhou, L. Blow-Up in a Fractional Laplacian Mutualistic Model with Neumann Boundary Conditions. Acta Math Sci 42, 1809–1816 (2022).

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Key words

  • mutualistic system
  • fractional Laplacian
  • Neumann boundary
  • upper and lower solutions
  • blow-up

2010 MR Subject Classification

  • 35B05
  • 35B44
  • 35D05
  • 35N30