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On Fixed Points of Meromorphic Functions f(z) and f(z + c), Δcf(z)

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Acta Mathematica Scientia Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Let c be a nonzero constant and f(z) be a transcendental meromorphic function of finite order. Under some conditions, we study the relationships between the exponent of convergence of fixed points of f(z), its shift f(z + c) and forward differences Δ n c f(z), n ∈ ℕ+.

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Correspondence to Zongxuan Chen.

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The project was supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province in China (2016A030310106), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (11801110, 11771090, 11761035, 11871260), the Foundation of Guangzhou Civil Aviation College (17X0419).

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Lan, S., Chen, Z. On Fixed Points of Meromorphic Functions f(z) and f(z + c), Δcf(z). Acta Math Sci 39, 1277–1289 (2019).

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