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Hyperstability of the Generalized Cauchy-Jensen Functional Equation in Ultrametric Spaces

  • Prondanai KaskasemEmail author
  • Chakkrid Kiln-EamEmail author


In this article, we prove hyperstability results of the generalized Cauchy-Jensen functional equation
$$\alpha f\left( {{{x + y} \over \alpha } + z} \right) = f(x) + f(y) + \alpha f(z)$$
for any fixed positive integer α ≥ 2 in ultrametric Banach spaces by using fixed point method.

Key words

Hyperstability generalized Cauchy-Jensen functional equation ultrametric space 

2010 MR Subject Classification

39B52 39B82 47H10 


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The authors would like to thank Science Achievement Scholarship of Thailand, which provides funding for research.


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Copyright information

© Wuhan Institute Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2019

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Faculty of ScienceNaresuan UniversityPhitsanulokThailand
  2. 2.Research Center for Academic Excellence in MathematicsNaresuan UniversityPhitsanulokThailand

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