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Formalization of geometry, automated and interactive geometric reasoning


We would like to thank the reviewers for their exhaustive and invaluable work in evaluating the papers submitted, enabling us to select those included in our special issue. We also thank Springer and the editorial team of AMAI, particularly the editor-in-chief Martin Charles Golumbic, for allowing us to use AMAI for disseminating the recent results of our community.

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Correspondence to Pascal Schreck.

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The work of Pascal Schreck is supported by the laboratory ICube UMR 7357 Université de Strasbourg -CNRS.

The work of Tetsuo Ida is supported by JSPS Research Grant Kakenhi 16K0008.

The work of Laura Kovacs was supported by the ERC Starting Grant 2014 SYMCAR 639270, the Wallenberg Academy Fellowship 2014 TheProSE and the Austrian FWF project W1255-N23.

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