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Experimental implementation of \(\Delta \Sigma \)AD modulator with dynamic analog components

  • Chunhui Pan
  • Hao San


This paper presents an experimental prototype of 2nd-order multi-bit \(\Delta \Sigma \)AD modulator with dynamic analog components for low power and high signal to noise and distortion (SNDR) application. The integrators in the modulator are realized by ring amplifier without static current. Multi-bit quantizer and analog adder in the feed-forward modulator is realized by a passive-adder embedded successive approximation register analog to digital converter which consists of capacitor array and a dynamic comparator. The dynamic comparator does not dissipate static power at all when a pre-amplifier is not used. Proposed modulator is fabricated in TSMC 90 nm CMOS technology. Measurement results of the modulator dynamic range is over 84 dB. Measured peak SNDR = 77.51 dB, SNR = 80.08 dB are achieved for the bandwidth of BW = 94 kHz while a sinusoid differential \(-1\) dBFS input is sampled at 12 MS/s. The total analog power consumption of the modulator is 0.37 mW while the supply voltage is 1.1 V.


Multi-bit \(\Delta \Sigma \) modulator Ring amplifier SAR ADC Switched-capacitor circuit 



This work was supported by JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) 25420345. This work is supported by VLSI Design and Education Center (VDEC), the University of Tokyo in collaboration with Cadence Design Systems, Inc.


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  1. 1.Tokyo City UniversityTokyoJapan

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