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Stochastic resonance for estimation of a signal’s bandwidth under low SNR

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Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Traditional bandwidth estimation has low accuracy under low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). To solve this problem, a new method of bandwidth estimation based on stochastic resonance is proposed. This method will process the signal twice by means of stochastic resonance, which improves the SNR while reducing fluctuations of the amplitude spectrum edge, and then calculating the local mean value function of the amplitude spectrum. A bandwidth can be estimated by using the starting and ending points where the amplitude value of the local mean function is greater than a certain threshold. The experimental simulations show that this method can accurately estimate the bandwidth of the phase shift key empty, quadrature amplitude modulation, and orthogonal frequency modulation at low SNRs. For example, the estimation accuracy could reach 90 % when the SNR is −10 dB. It is easy to conclude that the proposed method surpasses traditional bandwidth estimation method in terms of accuracy.

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The author would like to give an acknowledgment to authors of references and a great deal of work done by them, as well as the co-workers for their helpful comments.

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