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New resistorless and electronically tunable realization of dual-output VM all-pass filter using VDIBA


In this paper, a new active element called voltage differencing inverting buffered amplifier (VDIBA) is presented. Using single VDIBA and a capacitor, a new resistorless voltage-mode (VM) first-order all-pass filter (APF) is proposed, which provides both inverting and non-inverting outputs at the same configuration simultaneously. The pole frequency of the filter can be electronically controlled by means of bias current of the internal transconductance. No component-matching conditions are required and it has low sensitivity. In addition, the parasitic and loading effects are also investigated. By connecting two newly introduced APFs in open loop a novel second-order APF is proposed. As another application, the proposed VM APF is connected in cascade to a lossy integrator in a closed loop to design a four-phase quadrature oscillator. The theoretical results are verified by SPICE simulations using TSMC 0.18 μm level-7 CMOS process parameters with ±0.9 V supply voltages. Moreover, the behavior of the proposed VM APF was also experimentally measured using commercially available integrated circuit OPA860 by Texas Instruments.

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The research described in the paper was supported by the following projects: P102/11/P489, P102/10/P561, P102/09/1681, FEKT-S-11-15, and project SIX CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0072 from the operational program Research and Development for Innovation. Authors also wish to thank Prof. Dr. Serdar Ozoguz from the Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, for his discussions made on the proposed circuit and the anonymous reviewers for their useful and constructive comments that helped to improve the paper. A preliminary version of this paper has been presented at the 7th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering—ELECO 2011 [29].

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  • Analog signal processing
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  • Voltage differencing inverting buffered amplifier (VDIBA)