Semisimple Reflection Hopf Algebras of Dimension Sixteen


For each nontrivial semisimple Hopf algebra H of dimension sixteen over \(\mathbb {C}\), the smallest dimension inner-faithful representation of H acting on a quadratic AS regular algebra A of dimension 2 or 3, homogeneously and preserving the grading, is determined. Each invariant subring AH is determined. When AH is also AS regular, thus providing a generalization of the Chevalley–Shephard–Todd Theorem, we say that H is a reflection Hopf algebra for A.

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We appreciate the careful reading of the manuscript by the referee who caught several mistakes and suggested a simplification of our arguments for inner-faithfulness, which we have adopted.

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  • Reflection Hopf algebra
  • Artin-Schelter regular algebra
  • Invariant subring
  • Grothendieck ring
  • Inner faithful representation

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