Algebras and Representation Theory

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Deep Matrix Modules

  • Christopher KennedyEmail author


A deep matrix algebra, \(\mathcal{DM}(X,\mathbb{K})\), is a unital associative algebra over a field \(\mathbb{K}\) with basis all deep matrix units, \(\mathfrak{e}(h,k)\), indexed by pairs of elements h and k taken from a free monoid generated by a set X. After briefly describing the construction of \(\mathcal{DM}(X,\mathbb{K})\), we determine necessary and sufficient conditions for constructing representations for \(\mathcal{DM}(X,\mathbb{K})\). With these conditions in place, we define null modules and give three canonical examples of such. A classification of general null modules is then given in terms of the canonical examples along with their submodules and quotients. In the final section, additional examples of natural actions for \(\mathcal{DM}(X,\mathbb{K})\) are given and their submodules determined depending on the cardinality of the set X.


Deep matrix algebra Deep matrix module Irreducible modules 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)



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