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The Dance of Interaction: An Embodied Approach to Nonverbal Communication Training for Caregivers of People with Dementia

A Training Manual by Donna Newman-Bluestein with Meg H. Chang
  • Pattee Russell-Curry
Book Review

The Dance of Interaction captures the essence of dance/movement therapy and dance as a healing art. It makes accessible to the elderly, or to any challenged population, a community of connection, compassion and relationship, when language fails.

By helping caregivers of people with dementia to feel comfortable within their bodies, and to see nonverbal behavior as an instrument for eliciting more understanding and cooperation from people with dementia, the authors have made great efforts in improving the quality of care for those with dementia. This also empowers caregivers with humane tools for more effective accomplishment of treatment goals.

Structured as a training manual for caregivers of people with dementia, this book helps the trainees to become more in-tune with their own nonverbal messages communicated when they stand or kneel near the person, or in how their touch conveys warmth and caring, impatience, or intolerance.

The Epigraph in the manual poignantly emphasizes the...


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