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Table 2 Prevalence of forced moves

From: Housing Instability and HIV Risk: Expanding our Understanding of the Impact of Eviction and Other Landlord-Related Forced Moves

Legally evicted Frequency (n) Proportion (%)
Not legally evicted in the past 2 years 326 91
Legally evicted in the past 2 years 34 9
Other landlord-related forced moves (responded yes to at least one of the following: I was forced to move in the last 2 years because…)a Frequency (n)  
I was evicted 31  
landlord raised the rent 8  
of non-payment of rent 22  
damage to the rental unit 1  
I was accused of illegal drug activities (including sale and/or use) 11  
I was accused of illegal activity (not drug related) 6  
the landlord said there were too many people living there 13  
the landlord went into foreclosure 8  
Landlord-related forced move (binary)
No landlord-related forced move 298 83
Landlord-related forced move 62 17
Forced moveb
Not legally evicted or forced to move by landlord 283 79
Legally evicted or landlord-related forced move 77 21
  1. aCheck all that apply
  2. b15 were only evicted, 43 only reported a landlord-related forced move, 19 responded 'yes' to both questions