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Table 2 Description of studies reporting test-retest reliability of sex behavior variables

From: HIV Risk Behavior Self-Report Reliability at Different Recall Periods

Study Sample Measure (recall period) Reliabilities
Carey et al. (2001) 66 psychiatric outpatients; 50% male; age range 18–60 years (US sample) TLFB: Number of partners, vaginal and oral sexual events (1, 3 months) .71–.97 (1 month)
.80–.95 (3 months)
Dowling-Guyer et al. (1994)a 218 out-of-treatment drug users; 74% male; mean age 39.9 years (US sample) RBA: Number of partners, frequency of sex (vaginal, oral, anal), condom use (30 days) .07–1.00
Johnson et al. (2000) 259 out-of-treatment drug users; 67.6% male; mean age 38.2 years (US sample) RBFA: Number of partners, times had vaginal sex, condom use, times traded sex for money or drugs (30 days) .57–.87
McKinnon et al. (1993) 16 sexually active psychiatric patients; 66.7% male; age range 18–59 years (US sample) Sexual Risk Behavior Assessment Schedule: Number of partners, sexual episodes and proportion vaginal intercourse (6 months) .60–.88
McLaws et al. (1990) 30 men; majority were male prostitutes (Australian sample) Number of partners, frequency anal sex, oral sex and condom use (30 days) .08–.98
Myers et al. (1990) 196 IDUs and sex partners of IDUs; 74% male (US sample) Number of partners, condom use, frequency of vaginal, oral, anal sex for male respondents only (6 months) .12–1.00
Needle et al. (1995) 214 drug users; 70.3% male; mean age 38 years (US sample) RBA: Number of partners, IDU partners, times had vaginal sex, days had sex (30 days) .66–.83
Ross et al. (1995) 23 injecting drug users; 87% male; mean age 28 years (Australian sample) % time used condoms for vaginal and oral sex (6 months) −.40–.80
Schrimshaw et al. (2006) 64 gay/lesbian/bisexual youth; 55% male; mean age 18.2 years (US sample) SERBES: Number of same-sex partners, oral, anal, and vaginal-digital encounters (3 months) −.01–1.00
Sieving et al. (2005) 152 sexually active 13 to18 year old females seeking reproductive health services (US sample) Number of partners and frequency of vaginal sex (3 months, 6 months) .53–.86 (3 months)
.48–.82 (6 months)
Sneed et al. (2001) 83 Thai and Korean participants; 51% male; mean age 29 years (US sample) Adapted version of the NIMH Multisite HIV Prevention Trial survey: Vaginal, anal and oral sex, condom use (90 days) .97–1.00
Sohler et al. (2000) 39 homeless men with severe mental illness; age range 24–57 years (US sample) SERBAS: Number of partners, vaginal sex, anal sex, condom use (6 months) .49–.90
Weinhardt et al. (1998) 110 college students; 53.6% male; mean age 19.7 years TLFB and single item measures: Number partners and vaginal and oral sex practices (1 month and 3 months) .85–.98 (30 days)
.81–.97 (3 months)
Williams et al. (2000) 392 drug users; 69% male; mean age 36.2 years (US sample) Computer assisted and face-to-face interviews: Number of partners, drug-using partners, vaginal sex (30 days) −.13–.99
  1. RBA Risk Behavior Assessment. RBFA Risk Behavior Follow-up Assessment. TLFB Timeline Followback. SERBAS Sexual Risk Behavior Assessment Schedule
  2. aAuthors from this study provided additional unpublished data