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Table 5 Responsibilities assumed by different types of partners for activities conducted by the sorghum network in Mali (summarized from Weltzien et al. 2006; 2020)

From: Transforming a traditional commons-based seed system through collaborative networks of farmer seed-cooperatives and public breeding programs: the case of sorghum in Mali

Type of activity Responsibilities
Farmers, Farmer Cooperatives and Unions NGO/Extension Development Organizations Public Breeding and Seed Programs
Variety creation and evaluation Set priorities
Progeny selection
Variety evaluation at fieldand post-harvest events
Implement Variety Adaptation Trials
Collect farmer feedback in villages
Village facilitators training for trial establishment
Prepare protocols/ templates for documenting farmers’ observations and assessments
Create breeding populations
Multiply selected lines
Organize trials
Analyze results
Conduct feedback meetings
Variety registration
Seed production Chose varieties for seed production and order/distribute foundation seed
Produce, store, clean and package certified seed of OPV’s, hybrids and in some cases hybrid parents
Train facilitators to monitor seed production, processing and storage
Train cooperatives for management, accounting and marketing skills
Produce early-generation seed
Produce training materials
Conduct training on seed production and seed certification
Organize exchange visits between seed-cooperatives
Seed marketing and dissemination Collect and record testimonies from farmers for radio messaging
Set and implement seed marketing
Implement direct seed sales to farmers
Identify buyers for bulk sales of seed
Identify (new) buyers of grain, e.g. for new varieties with specific traits
Facilitate radio transmission of information regarding varieties and sale of seed Prepare and facilitate communication of varietal information (e.g. fliers, seed packet labels etc.)
Facilitate organizational change
Facilitate linkages of Seed Cooperatives with other actors
Organize tools and procedures for monitoring and data collection