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Table 1 List of interviewees

From: Transformative agroecology learning in Europe: building consciousness, skills and collective capacity for food sovereignty

Interview number Organisation Name Country Gender
1 Agronauten Peter Volz Germany M
2 Boerengroep Elske Hageraats Netherlands F
3 Butterfly development (Pro-Cserehat Association) Katalin Rethy Hungary F
4 Collectif en Agroécologie Paysanne Felix Gauthier France M
5 Eco Ruralis Ramona Duminicioiu Romania F
6 EHNE-Bizkaia Ana Gonzalez Basque Country F
7 Ileia Diana Quiroz Netherlands F
8 Instituto de Sociología y Estudios Campesinos—ISEC (Universidad de Córdoba) Mamen Cuellar Padilla Spain F
9 L’Atelier Paysan Julien Reynier France M
10 La ligne d’horizon Sylvia Perez Vitoria France F
11 Land Base Dan Powell England M
12 Mouvement Action Paysanne (MAP) Catherine Tellier Belgium F
13 Nordbruk Joel Holmdahl Sweden M
14 Norske bonde-og Smabrukarlag (NBS) Marielle de Roos Norway F
15 The Landworker’s Alliance Lucy Otto England F
16 Toekomstboeren Jildou Friso Netherlands F
17 Torth y Tir Rupert Dunn Wales M
18 URGENCI Gaelle Bigler Various F
19 URGENCI Judith Hitchman Various F