Agriculture and Human Values

, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp 537–538 | Cite as

Todd LeVasseur, Pramod Parajuli and Norman Wirzba (eds.): Religion and sustainable agriculture: world spiritual traditions and food ethics

University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, 2016, 376 pp, ISBN 9780813167978
  • Christian Kelly Scott

The unique and vibrant operationalizations of sustainable agriculture are brought to light in Religion and Sustainable Agriculture. This book provides a typology of sustainable cultivation in the spirit of worship across the globe in multiple temporal and cultural settings. The publication takes the reader around the world and back again, traveling from the continental United States to Guatemala, Peru, Malawi, Hawaii, Nepal, India, Thailand, Israel, El Salvador, Egypt, and Europe. The chapters are written by development professionals, academics, practitioners, food scholars, religious scholars, members of the clergy, craftspeople, and farmers. The chapters are fairly quick reads and stand alone as works of scholarship. The book incorporates discussion questions at the end of each chapter, seemingly making it useful for instruction in a college course or simply as a tool for reader reflection. Written for a wide audience with a compelling foreword, lively introduction, and an...

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