Agriculture and Human Values

, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp 549–550 | Cite as

Ottavio Quirico and Mouloud Boumghar (eds.): Climate change and human rights: an international and comparative law perspective

Taylor & Francis Ltd, Routledge, New York, 2016, 410 pp, ISBN 978-1-138-78321-8
  • Ionica Oncioiu

The global warming facing humanity this century has brought about radical changes in the recognition of environmental human rights, both theoretically and from a procedural perspective. These changes were highlighted by international efforts to address the protection of future generations’ human rights within a comparative perspective. Increasing involvement of additional institutions has resulted in strong variations at regional, continental and local levels. All of these represent a challenge for both the overall functionality of the different legal systems and for their ability to bring real benefits to all Earth’s inhabitants.

In this context, human rights involve many legislative, institutional, economic and social facets, which give this book a seductive power that easily grabs one’s attention, regardless of one’s profession. At the same time, the authors call for more introspection regarding the relationship between human rights and climate change, as well as increasing...

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