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Peter Poschen: Decent work, green jobs and the sustainable economy: solutions for climate change and sustainable development

Greenleaf Publishing Limited, Sheffield, UK, 2015, 181 pp., US $39.95 (paperback)
  • Bipana Paudel TimilsenaEmail author

A burgeoning literature exists on global fight against environmental degradation and climate change, particularly on the cause and effect of climate change, its disempowering effect on developing economies, and threats to jobs and livelihood. But deep and measured analysis of the contribution of the “world of work” to achieve the goal of environmentally sustainable economies are less common. In the aptly titled book, Decent Work, Green Jobs and the Sustainable Economy, Peter Poschen makes it clear that if economic development is dealt separately from environmental protection, the attainment of sustainable economies will be challenging. The author highlights the role of “decent green jobs” as a main solution and an indispensable key to build a sustainable and low-carbon global economy.

Whilst focused principally on sustainable development, the book spans several disciplines and addresses a wide range of research issues, but perhaps the key research question it addresses is whether...

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