Agriculture and Human Values

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Virginia D. Nazarea, Robert E. Rhoades, and Jenna E. Andrews-Swan (eds.): Seeds of resistance, seeds of hope: place and agency in the conservation of biodiversity

The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona, 2013, 289 pp, ISBN: 978-0-8165-3014-4
  • Ashlee M. AdamsEmail author

Inserting itself into the diffuse and highly contentious debate concerning the most effective means of global biodiversity conservation, this book provides a fuller view of how conservation is practiced, providing ample evidence of success. It proves timely in offering a multitude of perspectives on the issues facing preservationists, climbing down from the ivory tower of academia and getting its hands dirty to dig into the places where biodiversity conservation flourishes.

As a compilation of case studies from around the US and the world, it demonstrates the irrepressibility of human will in recovering and replenishing ‘lost’ varieties of culturally revered plants. Through “authoring and anchoring place” (p. 13), this work argues that intimate ties to the land through historical legacy and especially through memory ground everyday conservationists and motivate them to produce and reproduce the cultural and historical narratives of native, heirloom food crops. Food embeds itself in...

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