Agriculture and Human Values

, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 571–572 | Cite as

Chaia Heller: Food, farms and solidarity: French farmers challenge industrial agriculture and genetically modified crops

Duke University Press, Durham, North Carolina, 2013, 352 pp, ISBN-10: 0822351277
  • Patricia A. Stapleton

Food, Farms and Solidarity: French Farmers Challenge Industrial Agriculture and Genetically Modified Crops is an engaging ethnographic study of La Confédération paysanne. The Confederation is technically a French farmers’ union, but is perhaps better known on the world stage as an alter-globalization movement. The movement’s co-founder, José Bové, became the face of the organization in 1999 after his role in dismantling a McDonald’s construction site in Millau, France, in protest of American trade restrictions on Roquefort cheese. Heller delves into the infamous Millau action, as well as several others, in vignettes that are integrated into a larger study of the evolution of the Confederation from a small, alternative farmers’ union to a social movement with an anti-genetically modified organism (GMO) message. In addition to the vignettes, which illustrate turning points in the Confederation’s development, Heller provides an overview of the organization’s history based on interviews...

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