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Lauren E. Baker: Corn meets maize—food movements and markets in Mexico

Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Maryland, 2,013, 189 pp, ISBN: 1-4423-0651-9
  • Charles Z. LevkoeEmail author

Corn Meets Maize is a compelling look at the complex and contested terrain of the global food system through the interconnections between people and the various cultural and ecological worlds they inhabit. The book focuses on the ways that local food networks in Mexico are shaped by neoliberal policies and the geographical imaginations of place-based resistance efforts. The narrative weaves together the personal experiences and detailed research of Lauren Baker, an activist-scholar who spent many years working with sustainable food movements in Toronto, Canada. Baker’s analysis describes Mexican food networks as examples of biocultural agrifood relations, a concept she develops to explain the interconnections among ecology, culture and local/global politics. To frame her analysis, Baker contrasts corn and maize as symbolic concepts that embody historical context along with future possibilities. Corn is used to symbolize corporate led industrial agriculture and the commoditization of...


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