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Marie-Monique Robin (dir.): our daily poison

Icarus Films, Brooklyn, New York, 2011, DVD
  • Patricia A. StapletonEmail author

Our Daily Poisonis an engaging documentary that tackles the topic of chemicals in our food supply and their potentially toxic consequences. French journalist Marie-Monique Robin, both the writer and director of the film, approaches the presence of chemicals at three different stages in the supply chain: during cultivation as pesticides, during food processing as pesticide residues and additives, and as elements in food packaging. Robin seeks to continue what she labels the “unfinished” investigation of concerns that had been raised as the “Green Revolution” began in earnest following World War II, ushering in industrial agricultural practices across Europe. She introduces her own investigation with a clip from a 1964 French documentary about the future of the food supply. In it, a French father explains that while there may be some benefits to using chemical additives, governmental or corporate endorsements are not enough; instead we should be seeking out expert opinions and...


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