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Table 1 Dimensions and their related attributes in the participation framework

From: Stakeholder participation in agricultural research projects: a conceptual framework for reflection and decision-making

Dimension Attribute
I. Project type a) Type of research
b) Research objectives
c) Potential users and beneficiaries
d) Institutional context of the research project
e) Risks involved in the project
II. Project approach a) Research methodology
b) Research epistemology
c) Research plan
d) Research process
e) Research methods for accessing local knowledge
III. Researchers’ characteristics a) Previous experiences with participation
b) Attitudes towards participation
c) Attitudes towards local stakeholders
d) Accountability towards the potential users
e) Commitment to the problem-solving cycle
IV. Researcher–stakeholder interaction a) Involvement of stakeholders in the research process
b) Control of research and centers of decision-making
c) Contribution to the generation of knowledge
d) Type, frequency, and intensity of interaction
e) Investment of resources and payment
V. Stakeholders’ characteristics a) Local stakeholders’ experiences with previous projects
b) Local stakeholders’ perception of the research project
c) Local stakeholders’ perception of the researchers
d) Time availability of local stakeholders
e) Local stakeholders’ scope for action
VI. Stakeholders’ benefits a) Innovations, improved practices
b) Creation of knowledge and awareness
c) Improvement of skills
d) Empowerment and social capital
e) Improvement of livelihoods