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Extrinsic eigenvalues upper bounds for submanifolds in weighted manifolds


We prove Reilly-type upper bounds for divergence-type operators of the second order as well as for Steklov problems on submanifolds of Riemannian manifolds of bounded sectional curvature endowed with a weighted measure.

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Data sharing not applicable to this article as no datasets were generated or analysed during the current study.


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Correspondence to Abhitosh Upadhyay.

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Manfio, F., Roth, J. & Upadhyay, A. Extrinsic eigenvalues upper bounds for submanifolds in weighted manifolds. Ann Glob Anal Geom 62, 489–505 (2022).

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  • Submanifolds
  • Reilly-type upper bounds
  • Eigenvalues estimates
  • Divergence-type operators
  • Steklov problems

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  • 53C24
  • 53C42
  • 58J50