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On the generalized \(\text {SO}(2n,{{\mathbb {C}}})\)-opers


Since their introduction by Beilinson–Drinfeld (Opers, 1993. arXiv math/0501398; Quantization of Hitchin’s integrable system and Hecke eigensheaves, 1991), opers have seen several generalizations. In Biswas et al. (SIGMA Symmetry Integr Geom Methods Appl 16:041, 2020), a higher rank analog was studied, named generalized B-opers, where the successive quotients of the oper filtration are allowed to have higher rank and the underlying holomorphic vector bundle is endowed with a bilinear form which is compatible with both the filtration and the oper connection. Since the definition did not encompass the even orthogonal groups, we dedicate this paper to study generalized B-opers whose structure group is \(\mathrm{SO}(2n,{\mathbb {C}})\) and show their close relationship with geometric structures on a Riemann surface.

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IB is supported by a J. C. Bose Fellowship. LPS is partially supported by the NSF CAREER Award DMS-1749013.

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