Adsorption of small uremic toxin molecules on MFI type zeolites from aqueous solution


Adsorption properties of zeolites were investigated for the removal of p-cresol from aqueous solutions at 37 °C within the context of studying alternative methods to dialysis for removing uremic toxin from blood. MFI-framework type zeolites with different degrees of hydrophobicity and charge compensating cations were prepared: one pure silica MFI and four alumino-silicate MFIs (Si/Al = 30), with H+, Na+, K+ and Mg2+ as charge compensating cations. Adsorption isotherms and microcalorimetric measurements show a high affinity of p-cresol for all MFI type zeolites. The best capacity is obtained for the pure silica MFI, whereas the alumino-silicate samples show a higher affinity in the low concentration range. In the case of pure silica sample, the microscopic adsorption mechanism including the role of confined water is elucidated with the help of NMR, X-ray analysis (including Rietveld refinement) and Monte Carlo simulations. For all samples the high affinity is preserved in physiological serum solution, even in the presence of other toxin molecules such as urea. It is also shown that the compensating cation state of the samples is imposed by the physiological medium.

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  • Bioadsorption
  • Uremic toxins
  • p-Cresol
  • Zeolites
  • Monte-Carlo simulations